The Business Behind Netflix

Chloe Martin TRF 635-Industry Forces Assignment #1 9/28/2017   Netflix (NFLX.O) is an online entertainment subscription service. Based in Los Gatos, California, the company has offices all over the world and delivers content to 190 countries. They offer commercial free movies and TV series with unlimited viewing for a flat monthly fee (Netflix Investors, 2018). Netflix’s chief goal is to eliminate the linear TV experience and replace it with one […]

New Line Cinema: Keep the Cost Low!

History: New Line Cinema was first an independent film distribution company founded in 1967 which is known for its production of low-budget horror films. Now, it is a unit of Warner Brothers. The studio has a domestic marketing and distribution organization, a home video division, a television production and distribution organization, an international division and merchandising, music and new media subsidiaries. The founder was Robert Shaye, an American businessman and […]

Focus Features: A Specialty Film Empire

  In a world where the Box Office is dominated by a small group of entertainment companies, it is interesting to look at those subsidiary companies that bring us some of the most unique films. Part of NBCUniversal, one of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies, Focus Features is one of the best and most respected indie distributors in the business. Tallying 105 Academy Award nominations and 21 Oscar […]

Marvel Studios: Slowly Yet Surely Becoming the Thanos of Real Life

Marvel Studios: destroyer of the summer blockbuster (Donaldson, 2018); home-base for Earth’s mightiest heroes; where film projects come out in phases as if they’re the moon. A subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios (Lang, 2015),  Marvel Studios is well known for its arsenal of fictional titans and even larger cinematic universes. It is here we will explore and give an in-depth look into the belly of the beast that is Marvel […]

New Regency: A New Formula for Hollywood Success

Regency Enterprises is an independent company involved both in the production and distribution of television and film. The company was Founded in 1991 by Israeli Billionaire Arnon Milchan. Milchan began his career by turning around his father’s chemical fertilizer company and creating a 125 million dollar enterprise from the once bankrupt business (Arnon Milchan). His business success eventually allowed Milchan to form his own production company that has since made […]

Everything is Awesome at Animal Logic

The Company (A look at some of the company’s work.)   In August of 2018, Australian visual effects (VFX) giant Animal Logic, a VFX studio that has done major work on The LEGO Movie, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and other major Hollywood blockbusters (“ALE Projects”, 2018; “Guardians,” 2018; “Avengers,” 2018), announced the launch of Truant Pictures, a subsidiary production company focused on live-action genre […]

Bad Robot Productions: A Small Company with Big Ideas

  “I know the idea of mystery and the idea of asking compelling questions – the key to any of that is having characters you believe and care about.”   Bad Robot is a film and television production company based out of an unassuming, three story building in Santa Monica, California. The thing that sets this company apart, however, is something that no other production company can duplicate: its founder […]

Trigger Street Productions: the Secret Force Behind Your Favorite Shows

  Much like Kevin Spacey’s character in their most iconic property, House Of Cards, Trigger Street  Productions has quickly risen from the obscurity to become a household name. However, instead of political sphere, like Spacey in the show, Trigger Street is a rising star in the entertainment industry. Trigger Street Productions is a diverse company that has found success in everything from television to film to podcasting. Since being founded […]